Training and Workshops

We offer customized workshops and training for professionals and groups looking to enhance their knowledge.

Some details on our more popular training and workshops are outlined below:


Eating Disorder Prevention and Enhancing Body Esteem

This workshop builds competencies around supporting adolescents or young adults in maintaining and developing healthy body esteem according to research-based practices.

Various topics discussed have included: how to communicate with children and teens about their developing bodies; promoting and role modeling positive body esteem; the role of peers, parents, and educators in body image development; and warning signs for eating disorders.

Variations of this workshop have been provided to companies and groups within athletics and the arts, focusing on how to best support individuals within this higher-risk population.


Eating Disorders in Clinical Practice: Training for Medical and Mental Health Professionals

This training is intended to support practitioners who work alongside clients and patients with disordered eating.

Various topics include validation and empathy to enhance commitment; working with thoughts, fears, and judgments around food and body image; communicating effectively about weight; managing comorbid mental health concerns; supporting recovery; and when to refer for more intensive treatment.


Increasing Connection, Decreasing Problem Behaviour: A Workshop for Parents of Teens

This workshop is designed to help support parents build stronger, more communicative relationships with their teenagers. Parents are taught skills in validation and empathy, effective listening, and limit-setting and contingencies.


Learning DBT: Training for Mental Health Professionals and Students

TPWG frequently provides training for mental health programs and professionals throughout the GTA. We offer half and full-day training to support professionals with successfully implementing DBT into their treatment programs.


Supporting Teens: Managing Depression and Anxiety

This workshop has been presented both for parents and educators interested in better understanding the various presentations of mental health challenges among teenagers. It teaches specific strategies to assist with the prevention of mental health concerns and for responding effectively when supporting a teen who is struggling.


Mindfulness For Stress and Anxiety

This workshop outlines specific strategies rooted in mindfulness for managing daily stressors and anxiety. It teaches DBT skills rooted in mindfulness, while also providing participants with daily meditations and strategies that can be employed to more effectively manage daily stressors.


Strengthening your Relationship: DBT Skills to Enhance Connection and Communication

This workshop, presented to groups of couples in various settings (including social events), teaches DBT skills that help increase connection and improve communication in relationships. Presented with the right balance of humor and education, this workshop helps make improving relationships feel fun and feasible.