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Toronto Psychology
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Supporting growth, building resilience, enhancing well-being.

At TPWG, we view therapy as


We are dedicated to helping you take meaningful steps that promote growth and wellness in your life. In doing so, we are committed to developing and building upon your strengths, cultivating your resiliency, and empowering you to make the desired changes in your life.


Therapy is not a one-size- fits-all approach. In conjunction with our commitment to evidence-based practice, we prioritize your unique goals, values and personal histories. These are essential elements to developing a therapeutic approach that is successful in helping you to achieve the changes you wish to see.


Therapy is a collaborative process; one that is grounded in acceptance, trust, respect and empathy. The relationship between client and therapist is central to the success of therapy. We strive to ensure the best fit between client and therapist to foster a comfortable, confident and compassionate alliance.


We offer a range of services for adolescent and adult clients


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Diagnostic Assessment

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Training and Workshops

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Eating Disorder Programming

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Our process is grounded in respect and understanding of each client’s unique needs, goals, personal backgrounds and histories.

Our Approaches

Each of the approaches we employ at TPWG are scientifically-informed to support our clients’ growth and development. Working to determine the best approach is a collaborative process that is based on a client’s unique desires, histories, and previous experiences.

“How do I know if you can help me?”

At TPWG we treat and assess adolescents and adults with a wide variety of mental health problems. Prior to beginning treatment we offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your reasons for seeking treatment, as well as any questions or concerns you may have, in order to determine suitability for treatment. 

Specialized Programming

We offer specialized and evidence-based programming for the treatment of Eating Disorders, as well as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) programming for adolescents and adults with emotion dysregulation challenges.