Emily Coppa

Clinical Coordinator and Research Assistant

Emily Coppa recently completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Ryerson University. Emily aspires to get her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology to practice professionally as a Psychologist. She has volunteered for non-profit mental health organizations mentoring women with eating disorders, and is an active supporter in recovery groups. She has volunteered for elderly and child care services, and was a member at Ryerson University’s Student Wellness Advisory Group, where she coordinated projects for eating disorder awareness and advocacy.

In her studies, Emily takes a transdiagnostic, biopsychosocial and dimensional approach to mental illnesses. Her current research interests include the psychophysiology of anorexia nervosa, specifically it’s influence on the HPA axis, visual cortex and the menstrual cycle. She also examines comorbidities in eating disorders such as PTSD, OCD, BDD, personality and anxiety disorders. Emily approaches her work with compassion, and is passionate about helping others build resilience when overcoming obstacles in recovery.

At the clinic, Emily creates posts for our social media accounts, assists Chante with intake calls, and helps with our DBT program assessments and notes. She is excited to be a part of the wonderful team at TPWG, where she will continue to learn and grow her passion in psychology.

In her spare time, Emily loves to be with friends and family, read philosophy, meditate, eat and exercise!