Melissa Kazan, MSC, RD

Registered Dietitian & Sport Nutritionist

TPWG - Melissa Kazan

Melissa Kazan earned her Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Dietetics and Human Nutrition at McGill University. She then specialized in Sport Nutrition by completing the International Olympic Committee Sport Nutrition Diploma in 2014 and has since been active in the sports industry supporting high-performance athletes as her core focus.

With over 9 years of nutrition counselling experience, working in fitness centers, medical clinics and sports institutes, Melissa has worked with athletes of all levels. In her career, Melissa serviced performers including contortionists and ballet dancers as well as various national and provincial sports teams including figure skating, artistic swimming, diving, swimming, curling, mountain bike and women’s basketball. Currently, Melissa is the team dietitian for Rhythmic Gymnastics Canada through the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario in Toronto.

Melissa understands the fuelling challenges that athletes and performers face as well as the risks for developing disordered eating and Eating Disorders. She has completed training in Eating Disorder management and is currently undertaking further training in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Melissa’s approach focuses on building a healthy relationship with food and developing skills to listen and trust your body when it comes to fueling. Melissa is passionate about helping athletes and performers learn how to nourish their bodies, feel confident in their food choices and maximize both health and performance.
Outside of work Melissa enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, travelling and cooking gourmet meals.