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Caregiver Support Series

We understand that supporting your loved one through an Eating Disorder can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. Our parent-targeted supports help demystify the process and provide you with clarity regarding your child or teen’s treatment recommendations and plans.

Caregiver-specific resources are provided to help facilitate recovery within the home. These include participation in assessment, feedback, and treatment, as well as Parent Liaison Meetings, specialized resources, and individual parent therapy as needed.

Parents are involved in the feedback session of our Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Assessment. During this appointment, they will have an opportunity to ask questions and better understand the recommendations made to facilitate recovery. TPWG’s treatment program involves parents throughout the medical, dietetic, and therapeutic processes, and parents also have the opportunity to participate in a Parent Liaison Meeting with the lead of our Eating Disorder Program in order to receive specialized recommendations for supporting their loved one. For those that require or desire more ongoing parent support, regular parent therapy is also available.