Anna Pevsner, MN

Nurse Practitioner

TPWG - Toronto Psychology & Wellness Group - Anna Pevsner

Anna Pevsner is a nurse practitioner (NP) who graduated from the University of Toronto. She holds dual certifications as a primary care and pediatric nurse practitioner. Throughout her career, Anna has gained valuable experience in various healthcare settings, including primary care, hospitals and specialized eating disorders clinics. At outpatient clinics, Anna has helped patients recover from eating disorders and comorbid mental health conditions.

As a nurse practitioner at TPWG, Anna provides medical support for children, adolescents, and adults. With every person she sees, she provides a comprehensive and holistic medical and mental health assessment. She is proficient at making diagnoses; devising treatment plans, which may involve ordering and monitoring diagnostic tests and results; prescribing medications; monitoring medical statuses; making referrals as necessary; and supporting individuals on their road to recovery.

Treating eating disorders is a complex task due to the enduring symptoms and the multifaceted nature of recovery, including time, support from family and friends, multiple treatment options and often adjustments in treatments. Support and treatment are often required for the many interfering medical risks and complications associated with eating disorders, including the possibility of relapse. Anna is drawn to working with this population precisely because of its complexity. She firmly believes in providing individuals with eating disorders with a holistic and integrated approach that encompasses comprehensive knowledge, support, empathy, pragmatism, understanding, harm reduction, and targeted education and treatment. Such an approach not only aids individuals in finding their paths to recovery but also fosters self-compassion and body acceptance.
In her free time, Anna enjoys travelling around the world with her family and indulging her passion for landscape and portrait photography.